[Q] 1/32 Typhoon decals

Can anyone tell me what is on the following sheets:
ADS Decals 001-32 Hawker Typhoon Part 1
Eagle Strike 32006 Marauding Typhoons Mk IB
In terms of Squadrons or codes? Enough roundels for more than one kit (fat
I've found one of each for sale, but no description. Techmod has a sheet
with JE O dt on it that looks kinda nice, but was curious what the others
Also the Techmod sheets look crappy on thier website the blue 1/32 US and
British roundels/insignia looks far to bright and light, but in other
reviews they look OK.
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For the Eagle Strike Typhoon sheet, try here - look at the Profile 1 link:
formatting link
All I could find in a quickie...
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Rufus wrote in news:5Whmi.11476$Xa3.1366@attbi_s22:
DOH! How did I miss that, I looked there, I thought!
Thanks! Frank
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