American Eagle Squadron Spit Decals for 1/32 Spit MK Vb

I have a Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire Mk Vb with decals for the Polish squadrons. However, I'm reading a good book about an American (LeRoy Gover) that joined the RAF and later transferred to the American Eagle Squadron. I'd rather finish the model as his Eagle Squadron Spit. I see Eagle Strike Productions has the decal set for his plane but they are "not currently available". A few questions from the new guy:

- Is this a temporary thing? I assume if they didn't intend to generate more they would take them off their online list?

- How long do these unavailabilities last? Years, months, weeks? I probably won't start it until after Thanksgiving.

- Are there any other sources? I've looked on line and can't find any, but I may not be hitting the right spots.

- Anyone have some they want to get rid of?

Thanks for any help!!


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