T-37 Decals for 1/48 Scale

I'm modifying the A-37 Dragonfly kit to resemble a T-37 tweet from Laughlin AFB, TX where I flew for a few months before washing out of the program (got into the T-38, though, before I did). Anyway, I need some decals and am wondering if there's any on the market.

Just a side question. Why hasn't anyone released good trainer models? The Testors T-38 is the absolute worst model I've put together. I understand someone has a 1/32 or bigger version, but I can't hide the cost of it from my wife...maybe when I finish all the other kits I have in the basement... Anyway, the venerable 'Tweet and T-38 have been the mainstay of the Air Force training pipeline for many decades and deserve a decent kit...just have to convince someone to do it....

Thanks for any vectors!!

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Paul Scherer
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