Sword T-38 ?

I think I waited most of my life for an accurate kit of the T-38 Talon in 1/48 scale. My dad was a T-38 flight instructor when I was a kid 30 years ago. So a year or so ago I was like a kid at Christmas when Sword released the T-38 kit. ( Okay it's not a perfect kit...but a ton better than any 1/48 kit of the T-38 that came before ) Well... what happened to the kit anyway. I don't see it advertised anywhere anymore ? I will admit I always thought the price was a bit of a turn off.

Chris Ft. Worth, Tx

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Well, Sword kits *are* limited production items after all. There's a T-38 on eBay right now though:

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Al Superczynski

As Al S. mentioned, it was a limited run item, but from what I've heard, the kit sold out the production run, but there are a few out in shops. I bought mine from Hannants in England, they had a few left a month or so ago.


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Ken Lilly

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