Convert F-5 to T-38

How do you convet the Monogram F-5F to a T-38. I have both the F-5 kit and the Fujimi T-38. I want to use both kits to make an accurate Thunderbird T-38. Please help!

C.W. Short

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It would be extremely painful to get to where you want to go using the F-5F. Several reason, one the "F" is very different then the T-38 in far too many areas to be used as a starting point, and another reason is the Fujimi is really

1/50th scale. Much better to hold on and wait till the new Sword T-38 kit is released, yes it is a "short run" kit, but spend your efforts on it, and from the shots on the net, it looks to be very nice.

Regards Jim Barr

SkyC> How do you convet the Monogram F-5F to a T-38. I have both the F-5 kit and the

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In fact, I am considering combining the Sword T-38 and Hawk F-5A to make an F-5A. Curt

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C Knowles

why bother....You could take the F5E Black Box cockpit with some minor mods and the landing gear from the F5F to enhance the Hawk F5A to end up with a lower price than the Sword kit based mod....


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Anthony Leger

Massive job my friend, the F-5F was a total redisgn of the F-5A with larger engines, intakes and fuselage and innumerable other changes, add to that the fact that the old Fujimi kit is 1/50th scale and it becomes a nightmare. with a good set of plans, and a lot of patience it might be possible but with a new kit of the T-38 on the horizon I'd suggest it's not really worth the effort.

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You don't. It'd be easier to just start from scratch building a T-38.

Besides, didn't (or aren't) two OTHER manufacturers due with T-38s this year?

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Yes and no. I have the F-5E Black Box cockpit (for an F-5E). Requires a new instrument panel but not much else. There were actually quite few differences in the gear. In any case, I plan to pick up the Sword T-38 to make a T-38; I'll see what it looks like and go from there. Curt

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C Knowles

Yow!! Just saw the price on the Sword T-38- 46 clams. Maybe I'll return to the F-5F route. Curt

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C Knowles


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, Earl beats all online shops for east/mid european kits.

I still don't get it, but czech kits from down under with postage are cheaper than ordering directly from Czech republic (cca 400km away from Croatia).


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Vedran Kalamiza

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