Sword T-38 pix on-line

Took some pictures and scanned them. They are online at:

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Any questions, just ask...

Best regards, Matt

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Matt Bacon
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I can't see any other reason for the separate lower fuselage piece than an upcoming F-5B. I wonder if they have an F-5A in the works as well.

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Al Superczynski

I thought the pictures were at fault too - but they did load eventually. It took about 5 mins even with a broadband connection. It may be quicker to put the page together using frames for the photos, rather than embed them in the page as a whole html doc. Nice pics tho, and the kit does look good. Thanks for the preview. (Thinks ...what would it look like next to a Monogram F-5E?) Chek

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It'd look like a T-38. :)

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John: There is always the NTPS scheme for squids like you. Hugh Mills Army puke.

The kit looks great. Too bad it is an Air Force bird! Just kidding - perhaps I will build it for my wife's cousin who was an instructor in them for a while.

John Alger (USNR ret) IPMS 10906 Charlotte Scale Modelers

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