Re: ARM: Review - DML 1/35 Scale Pzkw. IV Ausf. F2 - Smart Kit

: One odd feature which apparently shows the disappointment DML has
: felt over the treatment of the "Smart Kits" is a small eight-page
: "chest thumper" booklet on what they did to this kit and why they made
: the molding decisions they did for the parts in the kit.
Interesting. My only "Smart Kit" purchase to date has
been the M2 'track. But, that is because I do NOT need yet
another Ferdinand, Elefant, Panther X, et. al. (well, are the
234 kits "smart"?).
Given the way Dragon has been churning out kits, I would
think that obtaining new kits takes priority over updated kits
that are already very good. :-)
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Bruce Burden
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Roger that, Bruce -- I have trouble sorting them all out as to what's original, what's "Premium" and what's "Smart." Also I wonder how many they really plan to sell, given who has purchased the early ones and a lot of upgrade bits for those kits. Guess if you hadn't or don't want to mess with tons of etched brass the new kits do give you an option.
Go figure.
Cookie Sewell
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I don't know how *smart* the ARK series are, (sdkfz 234's) but I have to get more of them. The hull and chassis detail is excellent, and as with the other slide molded kit's, the level of detail and finesse of small moldings, as well as how well they fit together is amazing IMHO !
Their 88 mm guns are another example. Absolutely gorgeous, and FUN kit's to put together !!
But definitely get some of the 234 series. Just so well done they are worth having !!
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