Seat belts. RAF. Perforated.

I have bought some Eduard photoetched perforated early WWII RAF seat belts.
The perforated shoulder straps become narrow and then continue down for a
scale 15cm before ending in a disc on one side and a triangular fitting on
the other. What am I looking at?
John Cusack
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John Cusack
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On the real seatbelt, the disk was a pin mount, and the triangular thingy was a clip. The belts were layered in the pilot's lap by fitting the holes onto the pin and then securing the whole mess with the clip. The pin was sewn into the end of the left lap strap (IIRC) and the clip was wired onto the end of the right shoulder strap. Eduard's treatment is not totally accurate, but it's determined by the limitations of photoetch. I get arouind the problem by cuting off the disk and hiding the clip down by the side of the seat where it can just be seen.
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