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Does anyone know where I could get some tank tracks for a German "Elefant" tank in 1/35 scale? I do not want the sections where I have to glue them, but is there some either vinyl or rubber tracks I can get for it?


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William L. Powell
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The only place you can get those is from the old Italeri kit (circa 1975) which is available at model shows from time to time. You could also try writing them.

But compared to the ones provided with the DML kit they're not very good and come in two sections each.

Your call.

Cookie Sewell AMPS

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Lemme get some clarification: you want the vinyl one piece jobs such as those in the Italeri kit, not the individual link-to-link as in the DML kit (which are a smidge inaccurate anyway...)? If so, contact me offline I have some from the Italeri Elefant I'm replacing.

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Ok Steve, here is my e-mail address to contact me... snipped-for-privacy@gulftel.com

Lets talk...

I like to get the tracks.

My regular address is: William L. Powell

710 E Myrtle Avenue Foley, AL 36535

Thanks, William

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William L. Powell

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