Dragon's individual tank tracks.

I am on a roll to finish off a lot of partially built kits. There are two Sherman tanks, Italeri and Dragon, that need only the tracks to be put on. The Italeri vinyl tracks are no good as the tension is too high and pulls out the rear idler wheel axle (snaps off the glue point, adhesive strength gone on re-glue.) Plus I had not glued the boogies level. The track tension pulls the track loop up towards the front drive sprocket and up to the rear idler. No Sherman ever had its tracks in this position. Luckily I have a spare set of Dragon Sherman tracks (swap meet). These are a PITA. I get glue on my fingers and the teeny guide teeth are pretty hard to put on right before the glue dries.

Does anyone have a idiot proof way of assembling these individual track links fast and be easy on the eyes?

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Trim off all the pins, then cement the links together. When dry (do it in sections) cement the guide teeth to the links so they overlap two links. Not the most graceful solution but it does work and makes life easier. You will need a straight edge to ensire they don't "snake" during assembly.

You may want to order some Panda (ex-RHPS) sets and keep them on hand. They are single links and go together in a similar manner, but have longer pins and friction fit so go together easier and faster (you can paint on some liquid cement when in place to "set" them).

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PaPa Peng wrote the following:

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is Part 2 of a 6 part video on building a Mark IV panzer It's in japanese but what you want is pretty obvious Using double sided tape. Start at about 4:08 of the video

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Lay a section of links out dry-fit on a length of Scotch tape, put that section of track in place on the tank and position it as you wish for tread sag, etc. - then spot glue the *links* to each other in place using liquid cement and a 00 artists brush...or a hypo, if you have one.

You can work in sections for the top, ends, and bottom...choose a length that's easy for you to work with. Remove the tape and paint the tread sections once each is dry/set...then glue up the whole tread assembly in place on the tank.

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Hah. Found a solution for the springy Italeri vinyl tracks. Use a wire loop to hold down the curve/loop at each end where the tracks wrap around the sprocket drive and the idler wheel. Approximate positions will do. Immerse the track(s) in a cup of hot water. The vinyl will soften first then harden as the hot water cools. The hardened track will hold the curves. This relieves the pressure on the boogies. The tank will now sit level.

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