what color are m-10 tank destroyer tracks?

Were these tracks black rubber with steel ends & guides, or were the v
shaped portion on the center of the pad also steel? Not sure if the v
shaped part was molded in the same black rubber block or it was metal
attached to the rubber block.
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It depends on the type of track.
The T48 rubber chevron tracks had a black block with steel pins that fit into the end connectors. It was one piece unless burned at which point all that is left are the pins, the tubes they fit in, and the end connectors.
T54E2 or T62 track was steel faced with a rubber backing.
You should check out some sources on Shermans, such as Ampersand's "The Modeler's Guide to the Sherman" by Pete Harlem.
Cookie Sewell
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Thanks Cookie. I checked out the Sherman links on the web, and the T48 ones look like the ones molded in the old Academy kit, so I'll paint them all black with steel connectors. Thanks, Dave
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