Dragon Magic Tracks

How are Dragon's Magic Tracks different from regular styrene tracks?
I see that they are not on a sprue, but otherwise...what difference is
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They are pretty much cleaned up with only a minimum of work to get them ready to assemble - usually a couple of stroke with a file to get rid of the mold pip.
They assemble with friction and stay together until you can touch them with a bit of liquid cement to hold them, which is a lot better than some others that need much more cleanup and have to have each link cemented together as you go.
Or that's the theory. I haven't had any problems when following DML's suggestions and they are easier (if you want misery try the three-part single link Sherman VVSS tracks...)
Cookie Sewell
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You just empty the bag onto the bench, then say "ASSEMBLUS TRACKUS" and the job is done
Or possibly not...
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Thank God I came up with that heated dried glue trick for the ICM T-35, or I'd have gone clean off of my rocker trying to glue that many track links together one-by-one. I haven't bought a model with the magic tracks yet, but they sound like a brilliant idea for simplifying things. I was always fond of the Tamiya snap-together polyethylene tracks for their 1/25 scale tank kits. If you want to drive yourself crazy, do the polyethylene and metal rod ones on a Tauro A-7V.
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Pat Flannery
Long Live One Piece Silver Vinyl Track !!!!!!!!
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