su 27 horizontal stabiliser position question

I'm building hasegawa's Su 27.

The horizontal stabilizer "sits" in position leaving very little seem space in a slight upward angle, if placed horizontally there is a small gap that would need to be filled.

The problem is that in the instructions there is no forward view and the pictures I have show the stabilizers in up or down angle positions which don't show the realtion to the fuselage.

Any ideas ?



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The Su-27 stabilisers pivot about an axis that is approx half-chord.

The actuator is in the fairing at the base of the fin - the triangular section of which is attached to the stailiser and slides in and out of the fairing at the base of the fin.

At rest, most Su-27's have the fin leading edge raised - with a corresponding amount of the triangular fairing exposed.

The Hasegawa (and Revell re-box) have the stab mounted horizontal - to be correct you need to remove the locating tab from the stabiliser, and add a pivot from rod - with a corresponding hole in the side below the fin.

Then mount the stabiliser at an upward angle. You then need to remove the triangular fairing from the base of the fin - and attach it to the stabiliser.

You may need to add a triangular wedge from plastic card to fill the gap between the fairing and the fin.

There are some photos of Flanker fins on my website at :-

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which should explain the arrangement better than I have...

There are also some of my articles on making Flankers at :-

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I hope this helps......

Ken Duffey

Flanker Freak & Russian Aviati> I'm building hasegawa's Su 27.

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