Trumpeter 1/32 New Releases

I remember seeing a list maybe a year or so ago with upcoming Trumpeter releases, and I didn't pay too much attention to it because it seemed overly ambitious. I'm usually skeptical of these things anyway - they tend not to pan out very often (read ICM). Anyway, now that the SM-79, F4F, F4U, Hornet & Essex, F-105, et al... have all actually been released, I went to look for the list and can't find anything in print or online now. I vaguely remember a P-40, P-47 and a TBF in 1/32 being announced. Can anyone confirm these? Any word of an F6F? Any word on new ships?


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Also is anyone buying, knowing they most likley wont ever build, but getting one of each to help ensure that they keep up with new stuff?

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TRUMPETER PLASTIC KITS MADE IN CHINA (TRP) 2003/2004 Item Scale Description

207 1/35 German Railroad Gun K5(E) Leopold 208 1/35 German Karl-Geraet (60cm)&(54cm) 209 1/35 German Railway Carrier for Self Propelled Morser Karl Gun 311 1/35 KV1& KV2 Soviet Tank 903 1/16 T34/76 Model 1943 Soviet Tank 1608 1/72 Xian Flying Leopard (FBC1) 1609 1/72 Tupolev Tu142MR Bear J Bomber 2211 1/32 Nanchang A5 Fantan Ground Attack Aircraft 2212 1/32 Nanchang A5III Ground Attack Aircraft 2224 1/32 Sukhoi Su27 Flanker A Russian Fighter 2225 1/32 Grumman F4F3 Wildcat Combat Aircraft 2226 1/32 Focke Wulf Fw190D9 Aircraft 2227 1/32 Lockheed P38L5/L0 Lightning Aircraft 2228 1/32 Curtiss P40B Warhawk Aircraft 2229 1/32 McDonnell Douglas/British Aerospace AV8B Harrier Attack Aircraft 2230 1/32 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG3 Fighter 2231 1/32 LTV A7E Corsair II Aircraft 2232 1/32 North American F100D Super Sabre Aircraft 2233 1/32 Grumman TBF1 Avenger Aircraft 2404 1/24 Supermarine Spitfire MK Vb Float Plane 2410 1/24 A6M2N Zero Float Plane 2411 1/24 North American TP51D Mustang Aircraft 2501 1/25 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible Coupe 2502 1/25 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Sports Coupe 2503 1/25 1963 Chevy Nova 400 Sports Coupe 2504 1/25 1963 Chevy Nova Convertible Coupe 2505 1/25 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau 2807 1/48 Curtiss P40B Warhawk Aircraft 2808 1/48 Vickers Wellington MK I Bomber 2815 1/48 Beriev Be6 Madge Aircraft 2817 1/48 Savoia Marchetti 79 Sparviero Italian Bomber 5102 1/35 Mil Mi24V Hind E Helicopter 5103 1/35 Mil Mi8MT/Mi17 Hip H Helicopter 5605 1/350 U.S. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier 5606 1/350 USSR Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier 5607 1/350 SS Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Shiprcraft Carrier 5608 1/350 USS Lexington CV2 Aircraft Carrier 5609 1/350 USS Saratoga CV3 Aircraft Carrier 5707 1/700 USSR Navy Kirov Russian Battle Cruiser 5708 1/700 USSR Navy Frunze Russian Battle Cruiser 5709 1/700 USSR Navy Kalinin Russian Battle Cruiser 5710 1/700 USSR Navy P.Velikiy Russian Battle Cruiser 5711 1/700 Germany Bismarck Battleship 5712 1/700 Germany Tirpitz Battleship 7201 1/72 German King Tiger Tank 7202 1/72 German King Tiger "Porsche Turret" Tank 7203 1/72 German 18-ton "FAMO" Heavy Half Track 7204 1/72 German Elefant Tank 7205 1/72 German Ferdinand Tank 7206 1/72 T34/76 Model 1943 Soviet Tank 7207 1/72 T34/85 Model 1944 Soviet Tank 7208 1/72 KV1C Soviet Tank
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Tom Hiett

The last release list:

November, 2003

01003 1:35 Zil 157K(6x6) military truck

01001 1:35 Zil 157 Truck

01002 1:35 Chinese Jiefang CA-30(6x6) 2.5 ton truck

02222 1:32 US F4U-4 Corsair

02408 1:24 German Bf-109G-6 (later version)

02409 1:24 German Bf-109G-10



December, 2003

02230 1:32 Russian Mig-3

02228 1:32 P-40B

05708 1:700 Russian Frunze cruiser

05707 1:700 Russian Kilov cruiser

02501 1:25 US GM Pontiac convertible (might slip to early 2004)

02502 1:25 US GM Pontiac Hardtop (might slip to early 2004)

04514 1:350 Russian Sovremeny



January, 2004

05709 1:700 Russian Kaliny cruiser

05710 1:700 Russian P. Velikiy Battle cruiser FEB 2004

05103 1:35 Mi-24 armed helicopter

02227 1:32 US P-38L

01608 1:72 Chinese FBC-1 Flying Leopard fighter

5605 1:350 US Nimitz aircraft carrier (might slip to March)

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Tom Hiett

Wanting these yes. Actually plunking down a Ben Franklin plus, for them is another story. The only one I bought was the A-10 and that was only when Model Expo blew em out at 40 bucks. I am hoping to have enough of a down payment to get the SU-27 when that is released. I want one next to my 15.00 Revell MIG 29!

Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

Trumpeter had their 1/32 P-40B on display at the Hobby Show that was in Japan last weekend. Also, the 1/32 MiG-3. These should be the next kits out.


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Dave Williams

I'm scarfing most of them - got the A-10, Mig-15, -17, -19, -21, and F-105G, and if luck is with me this weekend, I'll probably pick up the K5 Leopold.

The Su-27 tops my list of MUST's, and I'll be after the F4U-1D (maybe two), the P-38, the Avenger, the Harrier, the Wildcat, and who knows what else they have up their sleeve.

Yes - I'll build ALL of them, or die first. Trumpeter has been answering all my prayers in God's own scale (because, let's face it, God's own scale is HUGE...) and I plan to keep buying.

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