Tunisia Tiger from Dragon "Initial Production" kit?

So, I got the Dragon 1/53 Tiger I "Initial Prodiction" kit for half price at
Hobby Lobby. It includes options for three eastern front vehicles, but is
it possible to make one of the Tigers deployed in North Africa from this
kit? If so, what kind of work needs to be done? Thanks.
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David Graf
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A lot of work as the kit really only represents the first 20 or so Tigers built, and they were used on the Eastern Front. You are better off waiting until they release an "early" kit. Just off the top of my head, the front fenders are different, the Tunisian tigers had side fenders, turret stowage bin, the Feifel air cleaners, exhaust shrouds, and I believe many had the large turret rear escape hatch.
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Dave Williams
Tamiya makes an Afica Tiger. I realize that it more than likely pricey, but it does exist in kit form. I have one in my model room.
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If you make one from schwere Panzerabteilung 501: - square exhaust covers - small front fenders - relocated (field modification) headlights. They were moved from the hull top to the hull front. see here:
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Ingo Degenhardt

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