USCG HH-65 Los Angeles decals

I built the Trumpeter HH-65 kit. I had some decals custom made to depict
one of the HH-65s at the USCG air base at LAX, & I have several sets
left. If anybody wants a set, let me know by e-mail. No charge. Use the
existing decals except for these staion specific ones. The set consists
of the tail number, station logo & city markings.
For some reason, I happen to have some old, really crappy pics that I
took, on my web site (I think it was a test) of these helo's. Address is
formatting link
. If someone needs good
reference shots, I can post them to abms or my site.
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the Legend of LAX
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What is your email address? I'd love a set. I saved the entire set of your pictures way back when you posted them, and I still haven't started the kit yet. But it's getting close to the top of the stash!
Kelly Quirk
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Kelly Quirk
Oops, never mind Dale, I found your address. Email on the way!
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Kelly Quirk
Dale- if you still have a set left, I'll take one-
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Jim Atkins
Hi Dale, wouldn't mind a set of walkaround pics if you'd like to e-mail them. All the best...Kevin
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