Verlinden Farm Yard set - 1/35 scale - 54mm

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Verlinden Farm Yard set - 1/35 scale - 54mm
Does not include roof.
Suitable for 1600-modern dioramas.
13 piece set. White plaster model.
The piece of the wall with the farm door was broken, but has been repaired.
A Diorama Construction Set product from Mottard/Verlinden.
Does not include a back wall, which allows you to vary the width of the
opening to the stable.
Finished model would measure ~12.5" (width, but variable) X 6.5" (depth) X
Also includes a stone animal trough which was not included in box art
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Bruce Duty
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And here I am thinking; "Verliden Farm Yard, this must be the place where I threw my VLS parts that didn't fit, and the lousy instructions that didn't work"
Didn't know there was another place of the same name...
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