Crashed SW2004 sp0, 3X tonight.

Crashed on two surfaces when applying "Face Curves" (sent to
var/sw-corp) and another time selecting and rotating.
Pretty flaky doing some test...and, some things are not working quite
Nice new features tough!
And, I can not get use to these etch-a-sketch edge lines, I feel like
I'm working in kindergarten cartoon land or freaking blues clues!!??
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Paul Salvador
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Paul Salvador quipped:
well, glad to see it's not just me. :)
i agree. shaded with edges looks like crap.
--nick e.
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Nick E.
Shaded with edges does not look so bad to me.
What looks bad to me is the model wireframe display with "Draft Quality HLR" (used to be "Fast HLR" IIRC).
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Turn off antialias edges under Display/Selection. Mine looks fine without that on. Draft Quality does look crappy though.
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Jeff N

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