How to draw this feature?

this is a rather simple thing to manufacture, but I don't kow how to
draw it in SW: imagine you mill a slot down the center of a pipe, and
then you stop and turn the work around its axis by an angle. You end up
with two L-shaped slots opposite each other.
I've managed to do it by first making the slot as a linear cutout, then
I added another feature as a rotary cut and rounded out the edges. This
isn't very elegant, and it also doesn't "naturally" give me the right
angle for the turning cut.
Any ideas? I'm sure this is very simple.
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Robert Latest
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Here's a second sample that might be useful to you.
formatting link
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John Eric Voltin
On 3 Jan 2006 05:44:23 -0800, wrote in Msg.
Thanks guys. I'll check out your files.
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