Newbie Cosworks question

I have modelled a simple cube shape and applied fixed constraints (to the
bottom) and applied a s/s material.
The problem is when I apply small force (i.e. 10lb) the displacement is very
apparent - visually.
Is this just an exaggerated on-screen representation of the resultant force
of the model?
Should I concentrate on the results on the sidebar?
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john gaskell
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There should be a number on the screen that tells you the displacement screen factor, like 300:1 or something. You get an exaggerated screen view so you can see how things are moving, but then a screen scale factor to give you a visual idea of the magnitude. And by all means, look at the numbers.
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Wayne Tiffany
See the response to Interpreting FEA on this NG.
FEA results are typically displayed with exagerated displacements or deformations to make it apparent to the viewer what is going on. Typically the real deflection in a block of stainless steel would be all but imperceptible.
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