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a printer that you are using and are happy with ? I need to print a ton

> of .pdf's and I want to print them in color. I don't need photo > realistic but I do want the color to be sharp / clear. > > Color Laser ? > > Ink Jet ? > > I want to stay below $800. > > If I can get a printer that will do the job for less that would be > nice. :>) > > jon > > "I may have many faults, but being wrong ain't one of them." ... Jimmy > Hoffa >

If your requirements are not that demanding (i.e. not photo realistic) then I would have thought virtually any modern printer from one of the major manufacturers would fit the bill. If you really have a "ton" of documents to print, then the cost of consumables might be more of an issue, and Canon inkjets usually fare better than HP or Epson. A laser would probably have the lowest running costs.

John H.

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Yes Jon. I am. I have an HP 8500 in the office. It has a duplexer and the thing has been running like a champ for four years. Thay aren't cheap and neither are the consumables. It is OTOH a quality piece of hardware.

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John R. Carroll

Laser is the choice

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