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Hey folks, Cliffi is talking to himself again.


CLIFF alias JOHN B. come on, admit it, you are the same person!

This is the only conclusion that makes sense:

Psychotic individuals that suffer from untreated Schizophrenia are known to creat insane split characters like e.g.:

Jekyll & Hide

Beavis & Butthead

John B. & Cliff B.

Here are some more indications which proof the fact that John B and Cliff is the same person with two personalities:

Associated Problems in Prepsychotic or Postpsychotic Phase:

-Reckless or Impulsive Behavior

-Obsessive Thinking or Compulsive Rituals

-Prolonged Anxiety, Tension or Worry

-Fidgeting, Pacing, or Hyperactivity

-Sad or Depressed Mood

-Irritability or Hostility

-Feeling Worthless or Guilty

-Fatigue (Physically Tired All Day)

-Poor Concentration or Attention

-Sleeping Problem

-Appetite or Eating Problem

-Poor Sexual Interest or Ability

-Overly Dependent Behavior

-Poor Physical Health

So Cliff or John, whoever you are for the moment, please take your pills and keep quiet !!

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