VX 11 Is Available For Download !

The brand new VX 11 release is available for download. I just installed it.

VX's UI has come a long, long way.

VX 11 now has only one toolbar ! With only one toolbar very little screen real estate is consumed.

You have tabs on the top of the one toolbar that you click on that reveal different toolbars which IMO is an excellent approach.


The VX History manager, Layer manager, Assembly manager and View manager are now all in one Window panel with tabs.

More to follow as I start using VX 11.


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Can you rotate the model just with a mouse button or do you still have to hit the dynamic rotate toolbar button or F2 every time?

How about the CAM section? Have they done any work to clean up all the list boxes you have to go through all the time?

Will it do partial rolling ball fillets yet? (they had promised to do that for V11)

-- Cheers,


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Why don't you go to the VX newsgroup where all the VX fans are. Do you think that SW people start threads on having downloaded SW and stated using it in the VX, CATIA, ad infinitum.

Who cares, even if it is a good product. You can bring VX up in comparison. And even that is marginaly tolerable given you motive is just to flog VX and not to compare constructively. THIS IS A NEWS GROUP FOR SOLIDWORKS. PLEASE STOP, I BEG YOU. G

PS: Crossposting to a.m.cnc does not help

Mitch wrote:

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Nobody is forcing you to read anything, so, piss off crybaby.

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I smell a dragon............

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...could be a top posting anal dragon? nah, wouldn't make any sense.

..feeding the anal trolls,... top post top post top post top post...

Moderator wrote:

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Paul Salvador

Where can be downloaded? JS

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Well your asking me to leave. Does what I have to say bother you ? Take your own advice if my opinion bothers you. My responce is a result of JBs actions. If you appreciate his work, make no mistake there will always be posts like mine resenting posts like JB. Get used to them and don't be a "crybaby" your self. (pick what you resent most)

My point is that JB is welcome to present VX competatively with SW. Any info that helps SW users is welcome to this newsgroup.

He just post drivel ... ad infinitum Then he get's his imaginary friends to pretend they are intrested in his product.

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Please let me know where I can download a free copy then.............................................................

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I'm not asking you to do anything.

Not at all.

Do you always blame other people for your own actions? That happens to be one of the largest problems in society today, people not taking responsibility for their own actions. Sorry to see you're a contributor.

Someday cry babies like you will learn what is a kill file. Then again, maybe not.

You don't have a point, JB is welcome to post anything he wishes to this newsgroup, it's up to the readers to decide whether or not to read it.

Got proof?

Didn't think so, liar.

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?! And you are fine if vandals come and piss all over your place ? Do you call it freedom of speach. When somebody tries to do something about it, you attack thenm ?? And restrict their freedom of speach you hold so dear? Now this is the twisted logic that makes you guys a mess.

(How come this has elevated to such a high level) It's about some turd called John Wanker ... Banquer.

Kill files are useless. For example I used to frequent in soc.culture.greek many many years ago. Slowly at the begining of teh 90s it started getting infested by trolls. Putting them in kill files just does one thing. It puts blinders on you, but stuffs up the newsgroup.

It is like you bringing your kids to a park with childhood memories. Yet you pretending to ignore vandals, theifs and muggers. Go ahead kids, play just don't look at the mess around you.

In simple English ... If JB is welcome to post anything he wants. I am also wlecome to "complain" Upi cannot ask me to leave. You are guilty of what you are accusing me. You are the "cry-baby" Do you get it, simeple English.

:-) Feeed the troll. No I don't have proof. None that will convict you. I just assume that you can't get more that one person that stupid in one newsgroup per decade.

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Jon, I took a look and I really don't see what you are getting yourself all lathered up about.

VX 11 needs a lot of work to become the 'second coming' as you boast.

Let me know when V 12 is out.


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In defence of WV...

- Having to hit F2 for pan/zoon/rotate - annoying unless you use a Spaceball, a luxury some people don't have.

- Shaded view quality is pretty poor (to be fair, I couldn't find where to set view quality)

- Dialog boxes for feature creation popping up over the graphics area. I find myself having to move *every* box out of the way. IMO, the graphics area needs to be kept clean, so the dog can see the rabbit....look at WF1/WF2 with the dashboard.

Just my =800.02 for starters.

BTW, my baseline is Pro/E WF2, I-DEAS NX11 & Solidworks 2005 - I use all on a regular basis.

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