SU-27 Laser-cut kit is soon available!

One of the Most Feared Fighters in the World.
This is to be the finest AKM kit yet!
It is almost entirely laser-cut kit, down to wing sheeting, sheer web,
fuselage sheeting and all wood parts in the kit. On top of this, AKM
Sukhoi designed with "easy building" in mind for fast and accurate
Designed for powerful .90 size 2 stroke engines and equipped with air
retracts, this Jet-Like SU-27 Sukhoi will most defiantly burn few
holes in the sky!
See is at:
formatting link
are many pictures as well as video of this prop-jett flying.
AKM SU-27 Flanker is a prop-driven Jet-Like Model. Very similar to AKM
MIG-29 Fulcrum, this model is built mostly from balsa and light
plywood. Most parts are Laser-Cut for best fit and easy, fast
assembly. SU-27 Flanker has tube plug-in wings with independent servo
in each wing (allows for computer mixing). Each elevator has
independent servo as well. Dual Rudder for max performance controlled
by one servo. Large servo bays located at the rear part of the engines
ducting. Flanker designed to perform well with OS91FX or similar power

Thank you for looking.
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Can you give a price and estimate of when the kit will be ready to ship? I've been watching this for quite a while ;-)
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oops! sorry bout that!
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Hi, Kit should be ready for shipping in about 1 week. Price will be 124.95 plus shipping. Thank you.
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