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Nimitz 962 parts! 31 sprues!

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Approx. July 1st 2004 TRP 347 1/35 WWII US NAVY LCM(3) LANDING CRAFT SRP $64.95

The LCM (Landing Craft, Mechanized) was used in WWII to transport troops

and vehicles across the English Channel for the invasion of Normandy. The LCM(3) variant was developed with a longer hull and greater buoyancy in order to accommodate new heavier equipment such as 30-ton tanks. It could also handle up to 30 tons of cargo or 60 troops. One of the most important roles played by the LCMs on D-Day was

the transport of advance engineer teams assigned the duty of demolishing

beach obstacles placed by the Germans.

Kit consists of 161 injection molded parts on 6 sprues, plus the hull. Photo-etched machine gun brackets are also included. Markings are for the US Navy 1944 Normandy Landings. Completed kit measures 17" long and

about 5" wide.

Approx. Arrival Sept. 1st, 2004

TRP 5605 1/350 USS NIMITZ CVN68 AIRCRAFT CARRIER, 1975 SRP $199.95

Kit features 962 parts on 31 sprues plus lower hull, upper hull, waterline plate (for optional waterline or full-hull display), hangar decks, flight decks and display stand. Also includes metal hull frame and screws, and markings for the CVN-68 variant just after it was commissioned. Kit includes 22 aircraft, 8 different types,

as follows: 1 SH3H Sea King Helicopter, 1 RA5C Vigilante, 6 F4J Phantom II, 1 E2C Hawkeye,

2 A3D Skywarrior, 3 A6E Intruder, 6 A7E Corsair, 2 S3B Viking. (Aircraft feature clear canopy & folding wings. Helicopter features clear fuselage & black rotors.) Completed kit measures a whopping 38â?? long, full single piece hull construction.


The Su-27 was developed as a long-range air superiority fighter, having improved the quality of the former Soviet fighters. It?s combat abilities compare roughly to the US F-15. Up to 10 air-to-air missiles can be carried and is equipped with a formidable front and rear radar system. This allows the Su-27 to fire at targets in front or behind the

aircraft. The Flanker-B variant was placed into service in April, 1981,

having been newly equipped with better aerodynamics and an aft radar extension.

Kit consists of 350 parts on 9 giant sprues plus upper and lower fuselage halves, canopy, nose radome and 3 rubber tires. Additional features include white metal landing gear & struts, pitot head and flap shaft, photo-etched aileron and flap hinges and a film instrument panel. Markings are for the 582nd Fighter Regiment, 4th Air Army Frontal Aviation, Chojna, Poland, 1992. Operational parts include the flaps and speedbrake, and opening canopy. Completed kit measures 27 "

long with a wingspan of over 18".

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