NC Plot 2 Beta 11 Now Available For Download

This product continues to make tremendous progress. If you using another G code backplotter / editor I urge you to give NC Plot a try and to participate in helping to develop NC Plot.

This version of NC Plot now contains a basic lathe backplotter. I have no doubt that lathe backplotting will continue to receive lots of attention.... especially if more lathe people participate in the development of NC Plot.

Anyone with an interest in helping to develop a quality G code backplotter / editor can participate in NC Plots beta development program.

IMO, there currently are no high quality G code backplotters / editors available at *any price*

NC Plot has it's own forum at:

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NC Plot Beta 11 is a free download and is good for 60 days.

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The developer of NC Plot has a proven track record of listening to users and is open to ideas and suggestions on how to improve and enhance NC Plot.


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jon banquer
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Please update me / us.

Last time I looked at CutViewer it had no real text editing capabilities.

It did not support canned cycles, etc.

Does CutViewer support G12 / G13 ?

Has any of this changed since I last looked at CutViewer ?

Cutting a solid model is nice but not at the price of no real editing or canned cycle support.

Have you tried NC Plot ?

Thanks for your post.


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jon banquer wrote in news:

I posted this today "Scott,

Sounds good to me. I will post some Bridgeport DX/32 canned cycle info shortly. Was wondering if you have any interest in using a solid modeling component in NC Plot as someone raised this issue in alt.machines.cnc in regards to what they need ? I believe a component is available from MachineWorks which allows VB to be used to hook into the object as I once discussed this with Don Ball who is the owner of Rapid Output creators of G-Zero.

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I believe it's the old NC Verify component and I would venture a guess that it can be had at a very reasonable price.

I will try and hit your website tomorrow and contribute $100 as my way of saying thank you for doing all you have done. Hopefully you take Visa. The $100 is a gift with nothing expected. It is based on what you have already done for which I am very grateful.


How about requesting solid modeling in NC Plot and taking a more active role in NC Plot's development ? I think your input and ideas would be very helpful. I also think you would gain a great deal of satisfaction from working with a developer who is very responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks for answering my questions on CutViewer.... I think NC Plot can be everything CutViewer is. With your input perhaps sooner rather than later.

Sorry for the delay in responding. We are again working massive overtime at work.


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jon banquer

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