SW2007 Beta 3 available,...

SW2007 Beta 3 available,... if you got time to kick the tires?


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Paul Salvador
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and so for us on the outside....is it happening for ID people this time? Y/N

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we're still dealing with 2k6 bugs when saving files (and breaking excel boms).

i can't wait to have [$YEAR+2] betas available during [$YEAR]. we're in may and we're already paying money to develop the *3rd* beta of the [$YEAR+1]. faster than microsoft :\


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Gianni Rondinini

Well...the betas have lasted longer than before so maybe this release will be a bit better than previous years.

Also, the development cycle this year appears to be nearly stretched to

12 months instead of the 10 months before....and 6 months years ago.
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