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Of course, all that they touted as great new features (minus the CAM) were already available in Solid Edge and SolidWorks for several releases, and we all know that they haven't stood still either for those past several releases, so VX is just that far behind again. They summed it up at the end of the article: "However, with competitors like SolidWorks, Solid Edge and thinkdesign making great strides in this area, the ball is in VX's court to continue developing NICHE functionality that caters to IT'S user base and separates it from the rest of the pack.".

Good luck!

When your finally ready to admit that the only good thing to do with > SaladWorks is: > > Toss it in the trash where it belongs ! > >

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Yes it can. It has been done, and it was found to be good. CAM is a downstream process. It is used to manufacture an object whose definition has already been set by someone other than the CNC programmer. It is not his job to change the geometry, only produce it. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you can give up the frivolous marketing and can join the rest of use using truly revolutionary tools.


CAD can't really be separated from CAM unless one just likes to just make pretty pictures on their computer.

"The niche market is probably limited to only mold makers"

Most machining job shops have to deal with imported data. Imported data is an area where SaladWorks, SolidWedge, Preventer, etc. fail miserably. One needs to be able to directly edit imported non-native geometry and that doesn't mean a one solution approach like GSSL's FeatureWorks.... it means that non-native imported geometry must be able to be edited at the lowest level.... wireframe.

Your right VX CAM isn't perfect....but it's a hell of a lot better than non-existent *native* CAM that none of the above products offer. Neither is the VX UI for surfacing perfect... not much was done in this area from VX 10 to VX 11 and it needs to be addressed. When the surfacing UI in VX is addressed you can bet your last dollar that it will be done in the same well thought out way that VX addressed their main UI ... not the freaking mess that SaladWorks has for a surfacing UI.

VX is much less of a compromise than SaladWorks, SolidWedge, Preventer, etc. for many users... not just moldmakers.

VX's development is predictable and well thought for the following reason:

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"Mr. Vorwaller has guided the design, development and documentation of three generations of CAD/CAM products at VX and was the architect behind VX CAD/CAMT, a powerful technology that delivers sophisticated three-dimensional hybrid modeling tools."

"His ongoing vision has been to develop highly functional, highly productive and extremely accurate software tools that meet the needs of both design engineers and manufacturers. Although current CAD toolset and interface technology is becoming more commonly understood, he believes the core technologies are still in need of significant improvement."


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Surely you are joking.

Read the posts again and pretend you aren't who you are. Ken is lightyears ahead of you, and it's pretty obvious.

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"jon_banquer" a écrit dans le message de news:

I know where to put the trash, so please stop changing your email adress to keep it where it belongs.


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Jean Marc

LOL !!!

" Gentlemen Re-start Your Filters"

as they say at Le Man.



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Nice little article on the topic of designing for machining. No mention of VX, though. There is, however, a nice picture of one of my mold inserts. :)

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Then later in the article, they talk about small shops not buying modules that they don't need.

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Merry Christmas John.

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Why don't you just ask him yourself over the phone and spare us your wonderings, speculations, fabrications, WAG's, and silliness.

Hey Jon, why don't you send Cliff your number so you guys can argue back and forth over the phone and clean this sort of useless garbage out of the newsgroup.

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How someone that claims to be a software expert can post from google is beyond me. Kill posts from google groups, and lots of newsgroups clean up real well. 98% of the people that post from there are wacko, or spammers.

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