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Merry Christmas! Kman

a lot of negative crap was posted to this newsgroup in regards to VX > not being mature enough. In addition, this newsgroup has attracted the > kind of blind product loyalist that we once attributed to Autodesk > newsgroups. > > It's enough to make one puke. > > The FACT is that VX has a rate of developement that makes SolidWorks > Corp. look very, very foolish. > > Anyone wish to compare what VX offers with their hybrid approach and > fully integrated CAM compared to SolidWorks hack and wack non unified, > non seamless approach ? > > Anyone care to comment on SolidWorks continued lack of very powerful, > broad spectrum, fully integrated CAM ? > > How about SolidWorks continued inability to work with imported surfaces > like they were created natively ? > > The link below should give those who used VX or Varimetrix 2 or 3 years > ago an idea of how well VX has progressed compared to SolidWorks: > >
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> > Maybe it's time to expect a hell of a lot more from SolidWorks Corp. > rather than tiny footsteps of progress dolled out at an alarmingly slow > rate ? > > Maybe it's time for those who expect major change in SolidWorks rate of > development to move on to companies that "get it" like VX, think3, etc > ? > > jon >
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I doubt very seriously that anyone could call most of us regulars "product loyalists" if you read a cross section of our posts over the last year. But regardless I'd be willing to give VX a serious listen if you will give me a serious response. I can't say I like Cliffy's baiting of you better than others here, but at least I do credit Cliffy with some serious amount of knowledge and understanding of CAD and CAM and general engineering issues. You, however, have never seen fit to post anything of what you have done, designed or attempted to design. How about it? Put your cards on the table if you want people to hear you out. You've been challenged not only by Cliff, but also by others in the past to ante up, and I've yet to see a response from you. Are you, or are you not, actually a designer of things?

Mark 'Sporky' Staplet> a lot of negative crap was posted to this newsgroup in regards to VX

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Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year as well.


Please stop trying to SELL us something.

I for one are not interested in your sales pitches. I usually ignor any threads in which you and Cliff are slamming each other. How can that honestly be productive to the rest of us who are just looking for answers to simple Solidworks issues? I believe that most people hit this newsgroup to keep abreast of Solidworks related issues. Things that they have encountered or wish to avoid NOT you continuing attempt at selling us on some other CAD kernel or product or what ever it is your selling.

Are you managing any systems in a work environment?

Do you deal with the day in day out issues that may arise with these CAD seats and users?

If not ... please go away and harrass some other newsgroup if you must. Sincerely, George

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The problem, as I see it, with products like VX and other NICHE players is just that...The are niche players. Products like Solid Works, Solid Edge and Inventor cover a wide breadth of disciplines which are useful to those that need to do more than just create models for molding and machining, like large assembly/mechanism design, robust drafting, piping/wiring design. For most of the users of these systems, surfacing takes up a very small portion of their design time. I'm sure that VX and Think 3 are very good products for what they do, but it's what they don't do well that will keep them where they are.

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You are, as usual, just not aware. IE: Clueless.


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Why do you even bother posting here?

Use the product that works best for you and move on with life. Happy New Year!

...and ..."Bang-the-drum-slowly" somewhere else.

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Why does everyone insist on feeding the troll?

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You are a clueless buzzword-impaired idiot? But we already knew that, unless there are a few new folks. Please keep them informed .

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Changed motels did you? A rotating sweeper?

What's the best broom? How do you like working for that chain/motel owner? IIRC Your prior posts were from a different Days Inn in Phoenix, right?

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