funny last few days

suddenly, I am changing a LOT of businesses-far more than
the norm, where someone got fired..
Just the last 2-3 days..its odd for me in my area..
anyone else got anything out of the ordinary happening?

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Funny, now that you mention it, we had an old fat white haired guy come in a couple of days ago, said he'd lost the keys to his 2005 model sleigh. The bloody thing had a transponder system too.
Merry Christmas you guys, and may the lock & key gods bestow their good fortune & kindness upon you all next year. And we should also say a little 'thankyou' prayer to all the thieving, untrustworthy, and generally low life creeps out there in society, for without their efforts, we would not be in this business we all love soooo much. God bless their little hearts. Cheers.
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Steve Paris

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