some funny Ford Locks

been noticing, since I rekey a lot of 10 cut Ford locks for the
local dealer, an oddity...
the locks have the 2nd wafer missing, as per the packaging idea,
but the FUNNY THING I am seeing is the FIRST wafer is missing the
spring to push it down....its in the SECOND hole
1 would be accident, 2-ehh, and off day, but the last 2 MONTHS?
someone needs to talk to the factory......
nuk pu nuk
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bow to tip, the 6th is left out on purpose, but the spring is out of #5, and stuck in the empty #6 hole, and YES, weird... --Shiva-- nuk pu nuk
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I wonder how many where made like that? I've seen a lot of mis marked pins too: #2 in a #1 package.
I'll be glad when I don't see that many more ten cuts. Too big of a pain trying to progress the last four cuts for the ignition even with my try out keys.
I like the 8 cuts. Now if we can only get Ford to do something about that grease!
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Glen Cooper
I LOVE the Ford grease, especially in my area IN THE WINTER... LOCKOUT city... and nothing will cleean it out...
I use red wheel bearing greas when I repin one for the local FOrd-no problems/failures/ or callbacks now in several years. --Shiva-- nuk pu nuk
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sure is, but I got real good at yanking truck doors off to get those cuts, then a progression chart that came with the Determinator is THE best IMO, for getting the rest figured out.
today, was a 98 Mustang, convertible...
got the key code... didn't work EXCEPT the glove box... HMM, maybe its right.....thats 3 cuts...
trunk? couldn't even FEEL the wafers.... got some PB Blaster and SOAKED the trunk lock....
wiggled and HAMMERED with a 4 oz ball peen... YEA, it OPENED.....
right door. NADA... soaked with the same and DROVE the key in with the hammer... (locks are only $36 a piece and I was getting tired of this car WAS a piece of junk anyhow... battery dead as well) the right freed up, YEA...
LEFT DOOR... NO resistance to inserting the key AT ALL... all the wafers stuck somewhere...
onto the ignition, KNOW the key is right, because between the glove lock, trunk and door, its covered.... soaked it again with PB Blaster, and stuck the key in and out several times... still no turn... took the trusty baby ball peen and hammered it as well... SUCCESS... right code, the lock turned... I left them with it... needs battery THEN we will discuss the transponders, PLUS the door lock...
the car is LITERALLY not worth the expense, tho- but its their call
--Shiva-- nuk pu nuk
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Worked on a 98 truck the other day that they never used the key to unlock the doors. They used the remote. Stuck the blank in and the wafers didn't drop. I knew the EEZ Reader would read all ones so I sprayed the locks on the doors and the tail gate with WD 40 about 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 times. After about 15 minutes they broke loose. I then used the EEZ Reader to make the door cuts off the right door and tail gate and put a number 2 cut on the tip and it started right up.
It took too long.
Worked on plenty junk Mustangs. Oh, get that front end and glue it to that rear end and call a locksmith to make a key the take it to the alignment shop. Sound right?
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Glen Cooper

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