RealView discoveries : custom materials ?

I investigated on how to define custom RealView materials (rubis, sapphire and other jewelry stuff as well as some watchmakers surface finish processes) For each material, there is a .dll in the ./shaders subdir of SW installation. Apparently, the .dll combines 2 competing "shaders" technologies:

-NVidia's, based on the Cg (C for graphics) language. (source code in the ./shaders/cg subdir)

-OpenGl 2, based on another language (.frag and .vert source code in the ./shaders/gl2 subdir) Compilers and other tools are available on the net for both technologies. Both technologies uses textures defined in the .dds format. You can find tools on

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to read/write those files in PhotoShop or PainShop Pro. Useful ? Anyone ready to pay for custom RealView materials ?

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Philippe Guglielmetti
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discovered this some time ago. there is a nvidia dds viewer add-in for Win Explorer. IrfanView will also handle dds

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You guys are Hardcore.....I am not into computers that much, but it seems like it would be kewl option that should be placed as an option with in SW to work with.

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Arthur Y-S

"Philippe Guglielmetti" schreef in bericht news:408f5733$0$721$

It is useful, loading a compressed image does not use as much system resources as loading a bitmap. The dds format seems to be from B Gates so I would not strange that it will go the way XML is going. Why use 2 different types and store it in a dll ? I have a lot of textures, so I will look in to it and try to convert some textures. You can get them for free if you like :-)

Thanks for sharing Philippe


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