Saving as a JPEG has coord axis displayed???

I am having a problem saving a JPEG without the blue coordinate axis being
in the picture file.
I have turned off that check (View, Hide All Types) in most of the related
parts, but it still appears in my assembly when I save as a JPEG ???
Is the a way to make sure that some part does not have the check moark "on",
without opening up all (~160) parts?
-Or- is the a way to force the coordinate axis not to be included when a
JPEG is saved?
Thanks for your help,
SW2005 sp0.1, 3Ghz P4, 1G ram, FX1100, (Clean and lean HP xw6100 system)
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
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in your assembly, just turn off View, Origins
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Thanks for the quick response!
All of the "view" types are turned off.
I have tried it with "views" not set (no checks) and with a check only in "Hide All Types" but still it is displayed when saved as a JPEG.
Any other ideas to try?
I am going to do a test with a smaller assembly in case something is wrong with the the current assembly (the one I need). The only bad thing is, if I can get it to work with the smaller assembly, how do I get it to work with my "currently needed" assembly... its always something!
Thanks again,
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
Are you looking for tools, system options, display selection, display reference triad?
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Dale Dunn
No, it is a blue coordinate triad (simple lines make up triad as opposed to the "shaded" red grn blu triad in the corner.
I may be on to something as of 10pm,
I am using a process of elimination to find the "bad" part/assembly causing this issue. I have located an assembly with looks as though it is saving with the blue "unwanted" triad.
...Opening each part and setting everything to off, i.e. "unchecked"...
...Sometimes I feel like I am working on an M-5 (M-V) "The Ultimate Computer" Star Trek TOS, I think it is out to get me!
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
Ok, I thought you were talking about the default origins that are displayed with the parts and assemblies. What you have is a custom coordinate system, and this looks like a bug. Even if it is not displayed in the graphics window, it will be shown in a Save As jpg.
To get around the bug, you can suppress the Coordinate System feature. If it is in one of the parts, it may be hard to find. You can RMB on the name of the assembly in the feature manager, and pick Go To. Tupe in "coord" or something, and it will tell you it can't find it, but take you there anyway (bug #2). In the assembly, RMB on the feature and suppress it, but it won't suppress (bug #3). You can suppress other feature types within the part from the assembly, but not coordinate systems.
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