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Is there any way to save just sketches, like you can save features in
the design library. There are some sketches that I use for both
extrudes and sweeps and I would like to be able to save just the
Any suggestions?
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You can create just a sketch in a part file and save the file. When you need the sketch you open the file, select everything and do a copy. You can then paste the sketch into your new part for use. You could also make you sketc in a drawing file and create a block. It really depends on what you want to use this sketch for.
SW 2006 will allow you to make sketch blocks that can be saved and re-used in files (like a library feature only it's just the sketch). I think this is exactly what you are looking for.
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Rock Guy wrote in news:1116615586.020134.183870
You can put a sketch on the feature pallette (design library) just like putting features there.
"Rock Guy" wrote
Pesky ndas...
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I don't think the NDAS applies since that has been printed all over the web and was shown to the public at SolidWorks World.
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Rock Guy
Did you consider using a macro to record drawing the sketch? Then every time you need to draw that particular group of lines/arcs/splines you can just run the macro. You can even assign it to a hotkey...
If you are good with VBA programming you can even streamline it with positioning inputs etc...
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