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When I export a mold design to my customers, I often use step AP214. I also
often use surfacing techniques to develop my p/l's and to do my split. These
surfaces are always hidden by the time I complete the design.
I am hearing complaints about these surfaces showing up when my step file is
imported-into Delcam PowerShape in this case. I don't see any export options
that would exclude the surfaces. Can anybody comment on this?
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John Kreutzberger
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Just a thought but you should be able to select all surface bodies previous to export and create a delete body feature.
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Mr. Who
1. Expand the surface bodies folder
2. Hold control and select the specific bodies from here which you are interested in exporting.
3. Now right click and select insert into new part.
4.You can now select save as - step or alternatively you could first save as sldprt then save that out as step(check save as copy). The advantage here would be if you make a change in the original part, these "stock" features(in the new sldprt) will update to that externaly referenced model. This second method would allow you to easily make changes to the original part's dimensions and simply update the stock part.
Depending on exactly what you result you desire however, the first response to this post may be the best method (delete face will allow you to weed out specific faces and not just entire bodies).
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