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When adding weld symbols, I can see the 3 boxes that specify weld size,weld type, stitch pattern.

But the boxes above or below hich i presume are for finish, angle and radius are inaccessible.

Also how do you add a tail for for TYP specification?

How do i activate theses boxes am i missing something?

I am just adding weld symbols i am not using weldments or beads, is this required to see these boxes?

Using swx 2006.

Cheers Mo.

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Try setting the bead type first, as in set it to fillet. Then the others should become available.


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Wayne Tiffany


I would also recommend referencing the appropriate ISO or ASME standard about weld symbols, as the SolidWorks weld symbols form follows these standards closely. Also, "TYP" is not a standard designation. If used, it is to be entered in the Notes portion of the Weld symbol, as least that's where I'd put it.


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Mo, make sure you set the symbol for the side of the weld joint you want the weld to be on. There is a difference in near side of the weld joint, where the weld symbol goes on the lower side of the line, and far side of the weld joint, with the weld symbol on top of the line. This tells the welder specifically where to weld, and the symbol and size and spacing define specific weld attributes. Tail shows automatically when you type in the box on the far right side.

I hope this helps without being to preachy. Good weld symbols are much better than notes when written correctly and understood by the welder and inspector. It's worth your time to learn to use them correctly.

I'd still like some help with staggered weld symbols. I recently posted this here:

I added a weld symbol to my print, flair bevel on the near side and fillet on the far side. This is welding a sheet metal flanged bracket to a flat plate with an intermittent weld. The vertical lines for this ansi symbol should be aligned as this is not a staggered weld but are offset, with the fillet weld slightly to the right of the flair bevel. If I use the same symbol on both sides they are correctly aligned. The staggered weld is not checked in the properties manager.

Our lead welder helpfully brought this to my attention as he thought it was a staggered weld. Not good.

If you have a suggestion or way to correct it, it would be appreciated.

thanks, Diego

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