Still having problems with weld symbol crashing

Not just myself. but 3 other guys with years of experience. Random crashes no matter what procedure we try to use. Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes. Both at work and my home installation. I did a fresh load at home and cleaned out everything (including registry). Ive had alot of experience with installing properly since the tech from our old VAR was a very good friend. He taught us the correct way. Just cant fix these darn weld symbol problems :( JAKE BARRON

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Jake, I sent off some files to the VAR and he is able to "sorta" reproduce the crashes. Same thing we both see though - sometimes it works, sometimes "poof". The workaround I am using is to copy the weld symbols and then edit them. I haven't had crashes when editing, just when placing with the dialog box. It's a bug for sure, and I'm sure it will be fixed in the next SP.

Curious - when you place a weld symbol, do you add a space in the "tail" box to get the tail to show?


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