Weld Symbol staggered but shouldn't be

I added a weld symbol to my print, flair bevel on the near side and
fillet on the far side. This is welding a sheet metal flanged bracket
to a flat plate with an intermittent weld. The vertical lines for this
ansi symbol should be aligned as this is not a staggered weld but are
offset, with the fillet weld slightly to the right of the flair bevel.
If I use the same symbol on both sides they are correctly aligned. The
staggered weld is not checked in the properties manager.
Our lead welder helpfully brought this to my attention as he thought
it was a staggered weld. Not good.
If you have a suggestion or way to correct it, it would be
thanks, Diego
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Yes. It does look wrong. It looks like you would need to manually draw one of the symbols. Bummer.
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