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I have a question about the "weld-all-around" symbol. We have a detail where we have a stiffener plate welded to the inside of an I-beam. It is welded on the full lengths of each flange and along the web, but only on one side of the stiffener plate. Is it inappropriate to put the "weld-all-around" circle on the welding callout if the callout indicates a weld on only one side of the plate? I got a call today from a client who believes the circle means weld all around, both sides, even though the callout only indicates weld on one side.

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3.10.1 Welds in Multiple Directions or Planes. A continuous weld, whether single or combined type, ex- tending around a series of connected joints may be speci- fied by the addition of the weld-all-around symbol at the junction of the arrow and reference line. The series of joints may involve different directions and may lie in more than one plane.
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