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I have a VERY simple assembly of a piece of angle iron that has flat
plate being welded to it on its edge like ">I" (I know really pushing
SW here).
When I try and add a weld bead between the two parts it does not like
it all. The angle iron has a rad of about 0.6mm - is that the problem.
I have tried cheating by mating the two parts at -0.5mm on surfaces to
increase the amount of join but with no joy.
Any thoughts?
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Chris Newman
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Do you need to have the weld bead in the modeled assembly? Or can you just show the weld in the drawing using the 'Caterpillar' weld in drawing mode.
That's what I do,
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Richard Charney
I don't have to, and on such a simple assembly it was more a question of wanting to. What I have done is to put a cut in my angle iron and then the weld works fine as it is dealing with multiple entities. Where it struggles is the arc of the angle of the angle iron as there is no end to the geometry until it reaches the other side of the plate. This is a classic example of real world manufacturing v CAD design.
Richard Charney wrote:
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Chris Newman
Assembly welds are a PITA!
Try using a weldment (multi-body part). If the "Fillet Bead" feature does not work for your situation then it's very easy to create a regular extrude or swept boss (manual weld bead) because you're in a part not an assembly.
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