Painting angle iron?

I am building a skelton structure out of some angle iron, and I'm wondering about a decent method for painting it. It will be indoors and doesn't really *need* a paint job, but I'd like to paint it anyway.

The angle iron has a coating on it from when I purchased it, sort of a grayish color. While I have wire brushed coatings like this off in the past for small jobs, there's too much iron for me to fiddle with the brushing this time; is it generally okay to paint over the stuff that angle iron comes already coated with, and if so, should I use a primer first?

I'm also looking for a recommendation on a "decent but cheap" spray paint; I'm not looking for an automobile finish, but want something a little better than $0.88 Walmart rattlecan; ideally something good that's two or three bucks a can.

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Jon Danniken
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I've used Rustoleum industrial enamel spray paint with good results recently. It's like $5 a can. Only a very limited color selection.

Auto paint stores can put really good paints into spray cans with custom color mixes if that's what you need.

I'm not sure what sort of structure you've built out of the angle iron, but I've always found it easier for structures to brush on a good enamel than to spray and miss, especially if there's an "inside" to the structure that must be painted too. For something that's made out of angle you don't really notice the brush marks that run the long way. For a big flat area spray paint lets you avoid the brush marks.


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Tim Shoppa

Home Depot here carries Rustoleum "Painters Choice" in spray cans for about $2.80 per each. Not a lot of color choices but I can usually find somethng that will work. It's dry to handle in about an hour and very hard after twenty-four. It's great for inside applications such as yours, don't know about outside.

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I use engine paint. It's high temp stuff that seems to hold up really well. I haven't tested my kids finger nail polish remover though.

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Richard W.

Check your local .99cent stores. Many of them carry name brand paints. I purchased about 4 cases of Rustolem rattle cans for less than a buck each over the last couple years for spraypainting machinery and weldments.


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Another good source is the auto supply house. Auto paint. Can get primers .... and candy apple.. :-)


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