painting cast iron parts

Hey everyone
I had looked around for a way to paint cast iron parts for the Tamiya
1/12 Yoshimura Hayabusa bike and GSX 1300R bikes I'm building,
and came up with some suggestions that really didnt work for me. What I
came up with is a way to paint two different versions of cast iron
that works pretty well, or at least give two dissimilar effects that
look great.
The most effective is to paint the part with Liquid Leaf Pewter, stock
number 6170,made by Plaid enterprises. I got it at Hobby Lobby or some
other well stocked hobby shop. Paint it on and spray it dead flat with
Dullcoat, and it looks fantastic.
Another way to go about it, which gives you a more blue metallic shade,
is to mix Tamiya Smoke, Tamiya Gunmetal and a few drops of Tamiya Field
Blue. Spray that on and then flat coat it as well with an acrylic flat.
Looks great, not overpoweringly metallic and has a hint of "blue steel"
Try it, ya may like it.
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You might mean cast metal parts ,no cast iron on a Hayabusa,aluminium frame and cast alloy engine . The model parts would be cast from white metal or britannia metal,or maybe even diecast alloy.
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Actually, some automotive touch-up paints work well for me. Darker Volvo or Toyota silvers, on tubes with a magic-marker-style tip. I got a whole slew of them at a "Going-out-of(for)-business" store a couple of years back. Sealed in air-tight shrink wrap, they stay good until I'm ready to use them. Oh yeah, I got the paints for 25=A2 a tube. I think that I dropped about $5.00 that day.....
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