Yield Strength Problem

I am new to Cosmosworks and I am trying to define my yield strength as
a function of strain. Is there a way to do this non-linear analysis
in Cosmosworks? Also, I want to perform a transient thermal analysis
where my heat flux is a function of time and position, but I cannot
find those options.
Thanks for your help,
J. Mahoney
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I think you can define non-linear elastic in CW. I know you can in DesignStar and Cosmos/M. What type of behavior are you trying to model?
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I am trying to solve a problem with strain hardening in the first part of the question. I realized that I do not have the plastic deformation analysis option in my study options.
In the second part of my question, I have a laser that moves across a plate over time. The laser has a Gaussian profile for heat flux, but I cannot seem to fins options to make flux dependent on position or time.
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