Inquiry of behalf of a friend regarding Union Pacific (in Engrish)

A friend in Japan is making inquiry regarding some railroad topics. Unforunately I don't know ditly squat on the subject. Can someone in the know please shed some light on the the following question (quoted from his e-mail, in EngRish) Many thanks in advance.

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Althought a famous western UNION PACIFIC railroad is popular NO.1 also in Japan, it ranks with the emblem of UNION PACIFIC at it, and the emblem of the Chicago & North Western is printed by the front of "E7 type diesel locomotive"of UP which arrived recently.

Are there two railroads actually running the sightseeing train together? If it knows, please let me know.

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David C Chiu
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In the mid to late 1930's the first "city" trains (City Of Los Angeles" and "City of San francisco" were actually joint operations between the UP, SP and C&NW. The early locomotives carried the heralds of all three roads on the nose, and the name of the train on the sides.

In the 1990's, Tyco made some E-7's in this scheme, although I don't believe any prototype E-7's were painted that way, only the original "Bubble nose" E-2's.


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Only the City of San Francisco involved all 3 railroads. The City of Los Angeles, City of Portland, and the other City trains were UP/CNW. Engines up to the first E7's were jointly owned, and had the logos of the 2 or 3 railroads owning them. P2K has done this scheme on E6's and E7's. Joint ownership ended in the early 50's (I think) and each railroad got it's share, and they were repainted/relettered for their new owners.

Today, both the CNW and SP have been merged into UP, and UP doesn't run a sightseeing train. They do maintain an ABA set of rebuilt E9's for occasional use on business car trips and other special trains.

Chris Johnson

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Chris Johnson

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