July MR: excellent, even Terry T!


Yes, I liked it so much that I /actually bought it/!

Terry had a good little article on space saving. Sure, it's not avant-garde, but it's useful. Then there were some lovely construction articles. I enjoyed the modified Perkins Produce article very much. 'Kitbashing' plans is not something I often think about, and the building looked rather good. The signal article was great, too. Even the small mention of balsa and art board construction of a 'pseudobe' citrus shed pleased me. I find it fascinating that traditional (now nontraditional) materials are enjoying a revival, as the emphasis on RTR makes dedicated modeling stuff harder to find. It's an unexpected benefit, really.

It's a good bit of work by their contributors and equally good work by the MR staff.

Cordially yours: Gerard P.

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