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There are currently 394 upcoming model railroad events in the database that is displayed at

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If your organization has an upcoming event that would be of interest to your fellow model railroaders and the general public, please let us know about it so that we can help you get out the word. (In order to reduce spam, the email is provided at the site)


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Larry Lathrop
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If I select by state (e.g. PA) and there is more than one page the paging does not work (using Firefox here)

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Graham Harrison

That implies errors in the webpage. Firefox is more strict than IE or Chrome in interpreting errors, so I suggest you use either of those to view the pages FF doesn't handle well. Current version of Firefox (10 or

11) apparently is easier on errors than earlier versions, so you may want to update.

HTH Wolf K.

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Wolf K

I'm already on FF 10.0.2. Firefox updates quite frequently it seems to me.

The comment wasn't a plea for help more a feedback to the creator. However, there's been no acknowledgement so I'll take the original message as SPAM and move on (which is a pity, I'd been looking for a site like that).

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Graham Harrison

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