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When I was a kid and had learned how to use a library, I remember going to
my local public library branch at 73rd and Exchange on Chicago's south side,
right next to the IC's electrified South Chicago commuter branch. In
addition to what ever I needed for school, I would always check what was
available about railroads and model railroads. I remember being
disappointed in the few 1920's era model railroad books on the branch
library shelves that described winding your own motors, making your own
track with strips of tin set into slotted wood ties, and big dry cell or
open glass tank wet cell batteries for power. Now I'd like to find one of
those old volumes. Does anyone out there know a title or author I can use
in searches on the used book sites? Geezer
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Look for "Model Craftsman" It became "Model Railroad Craftsman" for just a few issues and then "Railroad Model Craftsman" that we know today.
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Howard R Garner
The title of one I read several times way back in the late 40's was something like "From Alpha to Omega" and described just that "build it all yourself" approach by a high school teacher. Alpha was the engine and Omega the caboose. Hope this helps.
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Henry Murray
You might try a subject search on google books. The old ones are out of copyright, so you can download the whole thing. The Boys' Book of Engine Building has a section on a live steam 4-4-2.
Henry Greenly was an English model engineer who'd written some books around the turn of the 20th century.
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