12 volt or 240volt Generator

I'm searcing for a 12 or 240 volt slow rotation generator in order to
charge batteries through the day from a 250rpm engine, albeit belt
pulley is 24" Diameter. Can anyone out there help?
Bob Stone
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You can of course gear it up using different pulley sizes. 250 RPM is very slow though. My normal default for 12V is a car alternator but they like speeds above 2000 RPM.With a 24" driving pulley, you may just about get a 10:1 ratio. Certainly worth a try.
What power is the engine? Car alternators are very inefficient. Expect about 25%, less if you run them fast.
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An alternator from a small 1000's of watts range wind generator would be right in that RPM range. Maybe find one with some broken blades on ebay. ________________ Andre' B.
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