Lubricator sight feed question

I seem to remember some discussion here a while ago about the best
medium for sight feed glasses, what were the conclusions?
I'm sorting out some niggles on a big Crossley 2-stroke (HLM4) at the
moment, one job which needs sorting is the sight feeds for the
cylinder lubricators (It has pressure feed for the crankshaft etc).
The book says brine or glycerine, with a wire through. The ones which
have anything at all seem to have brine, with a thread through.
Any views?
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Tim Leech
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We use brine in all of ours with stainless locking wire as a guide.
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Paul Evans
Thanks Paul, I've got them stripped down today & can see what I'm doing now. They actually still have the proper 'needles' (Crossley's term), but quite a few of them weren't entered into the nozzles, and the actual lubricator settings seem to be all over the place, to the extent that some cylinders were getting virtually no oil, others were possibly getting too much, but it was impossible to tell while the engine was running. Not a good plan :-(
Cheers Tim
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Tim Leech

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