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Hi all. Further to my post of November 2001 (!).

The Welder is a "MASTIFF" made by MAX-ARC (Walton on Thames, Surrey). The Engine is a single cylinder air cooled petrol, Wisconsin Model S-14D. Spec No. 338975. Serial 5213290.

The engine is now playing up. It sometimes fires once or twice, but then dies, and will not fire again. Alex is not sure what is at fault (Air/Fuel/Electrics). The fuel is getting into the cylinder (Plug gets wet). Air OK. Spark seems OK.

How easy is it to get points/condensor for this engine?

Any ideas?


Sarah & Alex (PS Hi Peter this engine one you have the manual for?)

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Probably spark plug then.... hth Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

I had one of these years ago.Same problem,go to a job,start first time and run ok.Next job,pull cord all day and never fire,highly embarassing.Solved the problem by putting engine in skip and fitting welder to old Ruston I had.Somewhere I have a manual for that engine but have not seen it for years. regards,Mark.

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We have now decided that the fault is the ponts, and probably the condensor...


I set of points and condensor for Wisconsin S-14D.

Details below!



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Sarah Jenkins

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